Alex and Heather Chalmers are involved in a church they planted in a village called Poiana, which is a small agricultural village about 15kms outside of Constanta.   they Pastor the church in Poiana and have close links with the mother church Biserica Farul (The Lighthouse Church) in Constanta.  They are involved with running Children’s clubs, Youth Clubs, prayer meetings, ladies’ meetings and men’s meetings as well as the normal church events.  They have lived in the village of Poiana since May 2007 and have built many links with the villagers and they feel accepted by them.

Where is Poiana?

Prayer Points

Alex and Heather would appreciate your prayers for their work and in particular the following points:

  • For Provision for all the different projects that we are involved in
  • Wisdom in every situation
  • Health and protection in every area
  • Provision for the Chalmers family to be able to continue the work
  • Fruit and transformed lives in the village
  • See the bottom of the page for any new updates.


They can be contacted on alexheather.chalmers(@)

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