Welcome to King’s Christian centre in Mold. During the COVID 19 lockdown sadly we are not able to meet for our weekly Sunday service. But God is too great to let that stop us in worship. So every week you will find our Sunday service prerecorded and published here, along with a couple of other short messages per week. 

King’s Sunday message: The power of wisdom.

This week we have received an update from Alex and Heather Chalmers.

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Howard and Liz study the Lord’s Prayer.


Interested in being a Christian?

Hello. If you’ve found your way to King’s Christian Centre’s website, then perhaps you’re looking for some help to understand the issues surrounding faith in Jesus Christ. We have put together these 4 films which attempt to answer a few key issues; we don’t want to bamboozle you nor try to wrap you up in long words that are difficult to understand. Firstly, there’s a film about becoming a Christian which answers some of the basic questions you may have.

Secondly, there is a short film about reading the Bible; we think this is crucial to understanding faith and following Jesus.

Thirdly, a film about Prayer; how can you talk to someone who is invisible? Jesus wants us to communicate with Him.

Finally, there is a film about the church, and what church is all about.

We hope that you enjoy them, we welcome comment and questions, please feel free to email; andy.leake@kings-mold.org.uk We really pray that you find what you’re looking for.