What We Do

Sunday Morning Worship, Teaching and Fellowship

This is our flagship event, and no two Sundays are the same. We spend time in Worship and we have a growing team of talented musicians and singers who help us into the presence of God through song. We may take some time to listen to testimonies—stories of the way God has helped us, used us, guided us and spoken to us, often really exciting! We always look at the Bible, and read it together. We listen to someone, usually the Pastor, but, thankfully, not always, sharing some thoughts about what the Bible says. We have coffee, tea, cake or biscuits when the service is over, along with some really deep and meaningful conversations . . . or not! What IS certain is that we have a great time getting to know one another, and we have a lot of friends that can be counted on.

Our services are open to anyone to attend, whether you’re looking for a new church, on holiday, taking a break from your usual church, or just plain nosy, and want to find out what happens in that huge building on Bailey Hill on SUNDAYS at 10:30am.

Want to know more? Call Andy on 07900 387736, or email andy.leake@kings-mold.org.uk

What We’re Up To