Monday Evening Life Group

The first thing to say about the Monday evening Life Group (MELG) is that we need a better name!!!  Watch this space.

We meet (as you might expect) on a Monday evening, from 7.30pm to approx. 9pm, usually at Stefan and Ana’s house in Bryn Awelon, Buckley.

Life Groups are intentionally kept small so that no one feels left out but anyone is welcome to come along to see how we work.  It is all about fellowship and studying the word of God.  We came out of an Alpha course which is all about the basics of Christian life and now we delve a little deeper in to the Bible to see what God’s purpose is for us.  So far we have studied the spiritual gifts; what are they, what are they for, how do we practise them, who has what?, and are presently doing questions from readers, taking questions from our members about points they’ve often thought about.  Getting to an answer to each question is only part of the aim for the evening.  By studying one point we often learn more about the general subject too and hopefully dispel some myths and bring in to better focus some of the ‘mysteries’ of the bible.

Everyone is encouraged to add their thoughts and experiences as we all have the Holy Spirit guiding us and who knows who He may speak through next.  So even if you’re brand new to this Christian life we would value your input.

We also try to have a fun evening every month just so that we can get to know each other a little better as we are the family of God.  So far we’ve had a Pictionary evening (most illuminating as to how some people’s minds work!) and been to see Neil and Lyndsey’s Alpacas.

If you feel you would like to come and join us, even if only to ‘check us out’ then you’re very welcome.  Please speak to Barry, Stefan or Ana who can tell you more about what’s happening.

Mobile 07806483606  barry.amor(@)