Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Service

Sunday Morning Service









Services take place every Sunday morning from 10.30am to approx. 12pm.  Every few weeks we have an All Ages Service which is slightly shorter and in which the children stay in.  This service is more informal and there are aspects specifically for the children.  In normal services the children stay in for the first half then go to their respective youth groups.

During the service there will be an offering taken which is used to further the church’s outreach work and to finance the church’s general costs. If you are a visitor please do not feel under any pressure to put anything in the basket as it is handed around.

We are a fairly informal church and there is nor specific dress code, as long as you’re decent!

As a visitor you will not be asked to contribute anything to the service except your presence, unless you wish to. There are times of praise and worship during the service and you can sing to your heart’s content or remain silent, we don’t mind which.